About Us

As an Online Retailer on various sites like Ebay, Amazon, Mercari and Facebook for over 20 years, we have a good grasp on what it takes to satisfy our customers.

One thing we all like is lower prices. Having our own site at spinningplanet.net will allow us to have lower prices. We take the commissions we used to give those sites and pass the savings to our customers, not to our profits.

We are also focused on the highest standards in packaging our products. 

We realize that where other retailers are failing their customers is, by not adequately protecting the items they are shipping. We make sure that your collectible items arrive to you in display condition. We use extra packaging to protect your collectible during its journey to you. We know there is nothing worst than receiving a long awaited product, only to see it thrown into a large box with no padding and having the outer packaging get dinged up. Our goal is to eliminate that result.

Fell comfortable knowing that we are taking as much pride in packaging your collectible as you will in displaying it.